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Blog and Guest Post Guidelines

As of November 29, 2010, these are the things folks ought to know about Games and Geekery.

Blog Guidelines

1. Games and Geekery welcomes all. It doesn’t matter what game you play or what console you own, or whether you are hardcore or casual or prefer to not be labeled in any particular way. Everyone is welcome here, and I pray that you will be as welcoming and accepting of other people as I am, regardless of what they hold dear to themselves.

2. Games and Geekery is a semi-moderated blog. Comments do go through automatically after I’ve approved your commenting privileges, so make sure that first blog comment is a good one.

3.  Games and Geekery is diplomatic and wants everyone to play nice. Since this is semi-moderated, expect me to watch out for spam on a daily basis, and do note that I reserve the right to moderate discussions as needed. While I don’t edit comments, I will watch out for unnecessary or excessive swearing, and I do not tolerate trolling. That said,  I am very diplomatic about it, and I will raise my concern that you are potentially trolling only once. If one persists, I’ll delete comments.

4. Games and Geekery is ad-free, though this is subject to change due to circumstances. This blog is a personal endeavor, and as much as possible, I want it to be a labor of love. However, love does not help me make content for the blog. If such a time comes as when I am utterly in need of some kind of funding for a particular purpose, such as to support myself financially, I will add advertisements or a donation button if I can code it in. Despite this stipulation, I will do my best to ensure that the ads will not be for gold spam or the like, as I do not support illegal RMT.

5. Games and Geekery is a labor of love. I don’t know how long I will be blogging, or for what purpose this blog will ultimately have, but I do intend to entertain a readership with stories or thought-provoking ideas. I’m not as prolific as Tobold or Syp, but I do hope I can find a set of people who will enjoy what I write, and I hope you stick around to read my entries.

Guest Post Guidelines

Note: I am currently not accepting further formal guest post requests due to time constraints on my part. These Guest Post Guidelines will remain, however, for those who wish to read up on them.

If you wish to have your work published on Games and Geekery as a guest post, all you have to do is send me (Victor Stillwater) an e-mail by checking the Contact page. Please title your email “RE: Guest Posting” so that I can quickly distinguish your email from others and get to your request sooner.

Please note that Games and Geekery allows for gaming-related or otherwise geeky stuff, which is actually a large enough category on its own, so don’t worry about rejection. As long as you are upfront about what you want to write, and can convince me that it’s something you strongly believe in, then I’ll be glad to post it.

Lastly, please make sure that what you’ll be sending, once approved, has at least one sort of picture that can be added that is appropriate to the topic you wish to discuss. No objectionable content please, and source your picture if it’s not a fair use photo. Also, please add a blurb that I can add to the end of the article so people can get to know you better or contact you if they wish to speak to you after I’ve put up your article.

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