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Tackling Thought-Provoking Issues Takes Time and Mental Fortitude

May 5, 2011

At present, I’m not exactly in the mindset to really write well-prepared articles. Without making it sound overly dramatic, my dad’s in the hospital and is under observation at the moment for something painful, but not necessarily serious. I’m going over there later to watch over him, and so I’ve been trying to take my mind off of things by playing games and thinking about the things I like about games, such as the sense of advancement, the enjoyment of story, the ability to tell stories, and the short-term glories that achievements and new equipment bring.

That said, there are a couple of items I’d like to link to for your perusal, and these are articles that I find rather well-written, yet cannot completely agree with from my own personal standpoint.

The first one is a link I got from Tobold, and it’s about how achievements in games are essentially fake.

The second is actually a blog post from a blogger that people elsewhere have linked to. The pertinent quote here is thus:

Because I’m no longer interested in the pixel rewards my characters can earn.  WoW has conditioned me to accept that they’re transient and entirely pointless.  The only thing of value to be gained from MMOs is the experience of playing the game itself.

I’ll try to have a more decent post on this matter when I have the time and compulsion, but well, feel free to read and chime in on both here or on their respective blogs.

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  1. xXJayeDuBXx permalink
    May 6, 2011 05:59

    Sorry to hear about your Dad, I hope things turn out for the better.

    I used to be an achievement whore. I am to a small degree but not like I was a few years ago when I was trying to pad my gamer score on the Xbox. I got to the point where I felt I wasn’t playing a game to have fun, but to get as many achievements as possible. I still like achievements, I just view them more as a secondary objective instead of a priority.

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