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More on Magicka: Meteor Shower and Other Spells Revealed

January 28, 2011

As a follow-up to my previous post regarding tips to help folks out in Arrowhead Games’ Magicka, some googling for effective spell combinations has led me to a new Wiki that’s been put up to help folks with the game.

The name of the resource site is called Magickapedia, and right now it has all the things I can think of to master the game’s mechanics short of actually practicing spell-prompting. This includes a page on the available (or at least currently known) Spell Combinations available to players, as well as a useful reference to specific magic spells (which they’ve called Magickas) you can learn by combining certain elements in sequence.

Check out the Magickapedia, learn from it, and practice your spell casting so you can kick some troll butt! Cheers!

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