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Carpe Fulgur Pushes 100,000 Recettear Sales, Teases Next Game

January 2, 2011

Some more good news for the import RPG market, courtesy of Carpe Fulgur. According to a recent announcement on the Carpe Fulgur website, Recettear has sold 100,000+ copies!

A blog post made by Andrew “Spacedrake” Dice also mentions that due to the large number of sales, Carpe Fulgur is secure for the coming year. Furthermore, Dice also noted that the sales of Recettear and news of their success has garnered the company some attention amongst developers in Japan that would like to work with the Carpe Fulgur seal of awesome in the future.

For those wondering what this means in the immediate sense though, the last few lines of Dice’s blog entry is a wonderful indicator of things to come:

One hundred thousand copies mean that Carpe Fulgur’s future looks bright, and that means that everyone can look forward to a number of great titles in 2011 and beyond.

Like, for example, our worldwide release of Chantelise.

Definitely something to look forward to.

For more info on Chantelise, HardcoreGaming101 has the goods.

Capitalism, ho!


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