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More Butchered Song Lyrics: Stillwater’s First Day of Cataclysm

December 8, 2010

Notes: Cataclysm began in my country at 4pm of Tuesday. I rolled a Goblin Hunter named Lucretinker on the Nagrand Server, and boy, has hunter play change. I don’t even use mana anymore!

Was sitting here in my boring room
Was just another sunny Tuesday afternoon
Was wasting my time, I had nothing to do…
Just hanging around, a Twittering fool
But something’s s’posed to happen, and I wonder…

Went driving around in my car
Bought Cata at last, came back home beforeĀ  four.
Installed that sucker, patched it up
Waited a bit ’cause the servers went bust
And something’s spose’d to happen, and I wonder…

Logged onto WoW and wondered why
I Rolled a Goblin Hunter from the Kezan Isle
When all that I would see
Is Deathwing flying over me.

Enslaved on a ship, almost drowned
Ended on the Lost Isles where Thrall and I found
A pact so we’d be free
To be Horde and make tons of money!

*a la-dee-da interlude*

I’m sitting here,
Playing for hours
S’posed to take my goblin through the back to Azshara.

But there’s a couple dailies I did instead
LeveledĀ  my tradeskills, Killed chickens dead.
Well, nothing ever happens, and I wonder…

Isolation is not good for me.
Isolation! I don’t want to do quests with just my crab and me!

I’m stepping around in Azshara, Oh Boy!
Killed sixty naga with goblin made mortars.
I’d rather punch a dragon, and I wondered…

I wonder how, I wonder why
I couldn’t rocket jump to punch him in the eye,
Back there in Ol’ Kezan
To show the people I’m the man!

I’m thinking instead about how
I’d spec into beast mastery and make a vow
To punch him in the face
And turn him to a big disgrace!

And I wonder, I wonder!

I wonder how, I wonder why
I rolled a goblin hunter from the Kezan Isle
When all that I would see
When all that I would see
Is Deathwing flying over me.

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  1. December 9, 2010 01:07

    Lol nice poem. Very talented and great post

  2. December 9, 2010 06:11

    I know I said I’d let ya know yesterday… New phones in, too much excitement! Anyhow, I’m pretty sure that software we were talking about is here- or you can check it out at cnet-

    If you haven’t seen the video of launch I posted it up on my site! It was crazy :)

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