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Yet Another Notice to Commenters

November 29, 2010

UPDATE: Over on Twitter, Arkenor reminded me that I’m the only person who can see the actual emails of people who comment on the blog, making most of this post utterly useless.

That said, feel free to ignore this post. *headdesk, followed by a facepalm*

Hi folks. It’s Victor Stillwater here with another bit of an update regarding commenting.

I just wanted to make an announcement regarding commenting again for those who haven’t read previous entries on the blog.

Now, all comments pass through me, and generally, I approve all the non-spam looking ones. There are, however, exceptions to this, and I do it more or less to make sure spam doesn’t come through or people don’t get fired.

What am I talking about? Basically, I look at the email addresses attached to the user names on comments, and if I find that a specific comment’s email address is remotely connected to a place of work or business, I don’t approve the comment.  This is to prevent potential spam from coming in from an email address I’ve never heard of, or to prevent people from getting reprimanded at work for using company resources to post on blogs.

To that end, please be careful what email address you’re logging in from. Better yet, make a Google, Yahoo, or Windows Live email account for personal use with a clearly non-spam looking email name.

These and other additional notes will be added to the blog rules and commenting guidelines page of the blog.

Thank you.

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