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The War for Precious Resources

October 26, 2010

Too much potential fun, it seems, can be a bad thing.

I have Final Fantasy XIV and World of Warcraft eating up a summarily unhealthy portion of my waking hours when I’m not looking for a job. I have also finished downloading my own Steam copy of Fallout: New Vegas, which begs some kind of playthrough. Then, there’s this overwhelming urge for me to pick up a Kindle version of Christie Golden’s prelude book to the Cataclysm in World of Warcraft for use on my PC.

Now, time is a factor is and so is money. I’ve spent my budget for the month on New Vegas and on a sub to WoW, so I can probably think about getting book next month instead of RIGHT NOW.

That said, I’m finding that my time is invested into so many things that aren’t work/job hunting-related that I figure I should place some emphasis on work-life balance. For the readers and commenters out there in the blogosphere, I ask you: How do you balance your play and your work? Should I be feeling more stress over being unable to find a job that suits my needs and skillset or should I allow myself to chill and let the opportunities come as they will with some active prodding from myself?

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  1. October 26, 2010 20:52

    If you’ve been searching for awhile – do whatever you haven’t been doing. My theory here being that if what you’ve been doing isn’t working, perhaps trying something new will. So, if you’ve been chilling and waiting for an opportunity to come along with some active prodding; mix it up and push harder. If you’ve been pushing hard to find the “right job”, maybe a step back and some re-evaluation of what you’re looking for and being less aggressive could help.

    A fresh approach might just be what you need. 🙂

    • October 26, 2010 20:58

      Given what you said, I think I’ll need to push harder and find more opening and send out more resumes. Can’t hurt to do that, at least.

      • October 26, 2010 21:08

        Best of luck on your search- I hope you find not just a job, but one that you truly enjoy!

  2. Jedibot permalink
    October 26, 2010 21:10

    Well for me since I already have a job, Playing FFXIV and World of Warcraft gives me someway of releasing stress from my job. That said I dont forget to allot time to talk with my family or go out with friends. If you are having a hard time looking for a job that may mean that you are setting yourself up for a specific job, try to apply to every job related to your field of expertise or every job that is related to what course you finished. I finished BSIT, took up my first job as a tech support agent in a call center, then became a college professor and eventually I found myself as an IT support for a company.

  3. Kit permalink
    October 26, 2010 22:43

    I guess a lot of it depends on how sustainable your lifestyle is without a job of any kind. Maybe I can relate something helpful from there.

    • October 26, 2010 22:46

      Honestly, I’m not really making a lot of money right now… so my budget is actually just to lessen my gaming expenses monthly whenever possible.

      Housing, food, and whatnot are all alright since we all live as a family in one big house, but well… it’s definitely not sustainable, and I’m trying to figure out why I’m not feeling the pinch yet, so to speak.

  4. October 26, 2010 23:04

    welcome to the club bud; i feel extremely guilty any day i don’t spend any time job hunting as i’m usually extremely unhappy with work. I think the best thing for me is to schedule a bit of time every day to do that while scheduling time to game (all work and no play makes us grumpy/unproductive)

    • October 27, 2010 02:08

      The scheduling thing seems like it might work. Especially since most of my time in the coming future will be free (I only have Saturday classes this coming semester).

  5. October 27, 2010 00:49

    I used to go to bed at like, 3AM and get up for work at 6:30AM when I raided in WoW, it was crazy. Def not sustainable.

    Now I’m old…er… and I generally game from 9-11ish… depending. Console games are so much easier for me to put down than MMO’s. I give up TV and game instead.

    I try to do outside things until the sun goes down, then I figure its a free for all 🙂

  6. October 27, 2010 00:49

    Last time I had to go through job hunt a few years back I had the same problem with WoW. I felt I was playing too much and that it was hindering the job search.

    My way out was to dedicate at least 3 hours every morning actively working on getting a job. From 9 to 12 I would do nothing but that Monday through friday. It took a while but it paid off. By forcing myself to spend a good amount of time looking I didn’t feel guilty playing later that afternoon.

    Since employers are not exactly looking for people my advice is to force the issue a bit.

  7. Jedibot permalink
    October 27, 2010 02:43

    Just an addition to my previous comment, I honestly gave up WoW and was just waiting for Cataclysm to hit, but then my workmates subscribed to WoW and thats why I am playing it again alongside FFXIV, another way to balance time is to make sure you do all important things first before playing so that you wont be bothered by anything/anyone during your raids/dungeons. Also make sure that you tell your GF that you are playing to avoid arguments(which happened to me heheh)

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