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Optimizing My Fun?! *Swears*

October 22, 2010

World of Warcraft’s 4.0.1 patch brought with it a couple of annoyances that have irked me severely. The worst of these annoyances isn’t actually lag or latency, but the inability of my Tauren death knight to pick herbs and generally do profession-related activities.

You see, whether or not I like optimization, I have this uncanny habit of trying to optimize the fun OUT of my games. By that, I mean I want to play games in a certain fashion, such as having addons or modifications added to the game to make it an experience that will either make it more fun or more of the sort of game that would make it hypothetically awesome.

Now, I say hypothetically awesome as a result of the fact that despite frequent attempts to restart my interest in Fallout 3 by adding user mods, I have never finished the game because the hypothetical awesomeness is actually increased game difficulty or a general interest in the metagame rather than the actual playing.

Going back to WoW, I actually want to play the game… except I want to do it my way. My way means skilling up my professions before going into Outland so I can capitalize on going to Outland and grabbing herbs instead of running around Outland when I’m level 80. My way means auction house mods and a UI change. My way basically means doing the hard stuff first so life can get easier later on… if I still have the patience.

By having a bug that does not allow me to enjoy the game my way (hell, ask a crafter-type player who can’t level tradeskills… they’re generally pissed), I’m forced to find other ways to have fun which, for some reason, means running into Silithus and blasting ANYTHING in my way with Icy Touch till it dies.  That said, while nothing is stopping me from going into Outland, I find that optimizing (or waiting for the opportunity to optimize) my game play can itself be a bug in MY system that needs removal.

First things first, however. Blizzard, please find out what’s causing the tradeskills to go poof and fix it. PLEASE.

Thank you.

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