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Final Fantasy XIV: Initial Impressions (AKA The Either-Or Conundrum)

October 22, 2010

I spent a good three or four hours last night playing FFXIV on the Besaid server instead of the server I intended to go to, which was Lindblum, because for some reason the game wouldn’t load my Lindblum character due to an issue with either my connection or the place in which I lagged out which was smack in the middle of the damn tutorial instance.

I also turned down just about every setting to get to this point in the game where I could load things adequately. Again, this was either due to my connection issues or the game is just that demanding.

Regardless of these issues, I had fun.

I spent all that time crafting and gathering in leves in order to get enough money to purchase a spear and become a Lancer, and have yet to actually kill anything. That’s an interesting change from most games, as I still feel I progressed as a character despite not killing stuff. Best of all, I set my own goal and completed it outside of normal questing, which is something I always wanted out of a game.

One strange caveat to this game, however, is that the metagame is insanely perplexing. You can’t alt-tab out of the game from full screen (unless you do windowed mode, which allows this fine) or you’ll force a shutdown of the game, so you might actually spend a fair bit of time researching the game and where to go or who to talk to in order to find what you want. This is either annoying or a refreshing change of pace, as you need to really plan accordingly when you want to play if you intend to make something of yourself.

Personally, I want to like the game, but the user-friendliness of World of Warcraft rears its head when I think about it because I’ve been spoiled by the accoutrements that have come with the major MMO beast.

One thing I can say for sure at the moment, however, is that regardless of which game I play, either FFXIV or WoW… both are buggy at the moment, which is annoying for sure.


PS: If you want to find me, I’m Victor Stillwater of Besaid.

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  1. October 22, 2010 20:34

    It can be kind of an up-hill battle. I run in a window so I can at least move the cursor out of the game and over to the desktop (although mostly for IM needs…I’m trying VERY HARD not to use db sites :D).

    However, this is one of those games that doesn’t do a decent enough job of explaining even the most basic info. Like the point allotment. Or what your stats mean and contribute towards. I think that info would have been nice to have up front.

  2. October 22, 2010 20:55

    Yeah, the game is nearly impossible to play in full-screen mode unless you’re just a masochist. Trying to craft without a database is frustrating, and as mentioned, the tutorials dosn’t do much to really help you.

    As for point allotments, rumor has it that the higher your elemental defense in an element, the more likely you are to receive those crystals/shards when gathering/killing mobs. Seemed to be the case for me while I played. Also, once your stat points reach 40, be aware it will cost you two points to increase it by 1. I understand at 80 that goes to three per one point stat increase.

    Even though I’m not playing, good luck and have fun!

  3. arthur1977 permalink
    October 23, 2010 01:04

    I am enjoying playing FFXIV, but it has not hooked me like I though it would. When I am not in game I don’t really miss it 😦 I am in a great LinkShell with a lot of active members and enjoy the crafting and battle mechanics. I think this the lag and missing features (mail) that currently bug me. I hope they work on these soon or I might have to take a little break (which is not bad) and come back when the game is a little more polished.

    I really hope this game is successful because its not a WoW clone, I just think they set their release date a little to early (or the fact that its coming out on the PS3 forced them to make some difficult decisions).

    Oh well I still have about a month to wander Eorzea and see the changes that plan to implement before I have to make a decision 🙂

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