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More Answers from Square Enix on FFXIV Region Use

September 23, 2010

Instead of asking Square Enix directly about Region Specificity again, I decided to take a different approach and ask them about how region specificity would work if someone were to buy and begin playing the game from the United States but move to the Philippines in October.

Yep folks, I decided to try the “My friend is…” approach.

My scenario to them was simple, and I’m posting a clearer version of what I originally wrote: I have a friend who is planning to buy the game on September 30, but will leave for the Philippines on an unspecified date in October. He wants to play Final Fantasy XIV while he’s in the Philippines. Will he be restricted in any way from playing the game as a result of his moving to the Philippines?

Their answer?

Usable software and services will differ depending on your country and region of residence. When purchasing software, please verify that the software’s region matches your account’s registered region. Please note that you cannot change your country or region after registration has completed. Also, it is best to choose the region closest to your current location, if your specific country is not listed.  If your stay at your current region is temporary then please select your region of origin.

Please note that if you selected North American region for your Square Enix account, make sure you are using the North American version software of FINAL FANTASY XIV.
In other words, I can play FFXIV using a North American copy of the game provided that my Square Enix account is North American in nature as well. While they now suggest picking a region that is situated close to where you live, it’s actually somewhat easier to get NA copies of the game and make an NA accoutn (and cheaper due to currency conversion!) than it is to use other regions. It is also implied that they will not block a person based on the IP regardless of where they bought their game and what region their account is situated in.

I guess that’s some more food for thought if you’re in an unsupported region and considering getting the game.

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  1. Marcial permalink
    September 23, 2010 18:34

    yea thats how it usually is. like in Aion they have NA and EU versions so people from Asia and Oceania go with NA.

    • Tony permalink
      October 17, 2010 20:09

      Kind of late on the train here, but as an American living in Japan, trying to play the NA version of FFXIV linked to a NA account, I can state with a certain amount of certainty that the update servers are IP locked. I have to connect to a VPN in order to download the patch files, then disconnect and use uTorrent to download the patches, reconnect to the VPN to patch, then once I am at the actual login window I can disconnect the VPN and play the game.

      Pain in the ass.

      • October 17, 2010 22:38

        That does sound like a pain. 😦

      • Kishin permalink
        October 24, 2010 20:25

        At least you know what you are doing, it seemed like you explained how to patch, but my mind can’t follow >.< . Help me in updating guys T_T

      • October 24, 2010 21:59

        I’ll try to help, but explain your situation first so I can see what I can do. 🙂

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