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Double Hyper Video Cast Off: Monster Forest (or I Wish I was a Drinking Man)

September 12, 2010

A bit of a backgrounder: I found these videos on Rock, Paper, Shotgun and basically, it’s an informational-advert/softcore cosplay porn video for a free-to-play Online Game, featuring a Singaporean model named Kanny. The game is essentially online Pokemon, and the ad is quite… informative, if not weird.

A better description of Kanny from FivePlayers’ Emily:

You may know Kanny from such Channel 8 hits as Nanny Daddy or “those pictures on your harddrive”. She’s a D-cup Singapore model that looks a bit like a combination of an 8 year old sucked out of Spirited Away and an 18 year old in some kind of Spirited Away-themed straight-to-video gravure title. She’s been hired on as the game’s celebrity GM.

A quick Google search reveals that she also has a public Facebook page and spends way too much time with Monster Forest’s mascot.

Anyway, some videos of Kanny and Monster Forest:

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