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A Note to Commenters

September 5, 2010

Some of you might have noticed that not all of your comments pop up immediately on the entries I’ve posted, even if you’re the same person. There’s a reason for that.

Basically, the filter on WordPress keeps a comment for me to view and approve or deny if there’s a different email attached to it. For instance, if the email you used on comment 1 is, and on your second comment, you have the same username but instead use, then I have to approve it first.

Thing is, because I don’t know if the second email used is a spammer/impersonator or not, I’m hesitant to put otherwise normal comments on the site because that might allow a spammer to keep posting here without issues.

To put everything down simply, please remember to keep your online persona when commenting the same, which means using a specific username and email address for every comment, to ensure that your comments come through, and also to ensure that you’re not a spammer. Thank you.

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