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Anime Recommendation: High School of the Dead

July 24, 2010

Doing a 180 from the happy world of Digimon, my second anime recommendation for the day would definitely have to be High School of the Dead.

The premise? Worldwide zombification pandemic. You’re in High School when the poop hits the air conditioning device, and the outbreak reaches your school from the front gate. How do you survive?

Well, if you’re a team comprised of a well-meaning high school kid with a baseball bat, a girl who’s good with spear martial arts, the class genius, a gun nut, the captain of the kendo club and the school nurse, you’re bound to find a way out of your zombie-infested school.It’s everything that comes after getting out of school that’s the problem.

Now, High School of the Dead is pretty depressing fare. People will die, and some of the living will turn on their friends just to try and survive, but will die anyway. Thing is, it’s compelling because the zombie outbreak scenario hasn’t been done from a school angle, as far as I know, and the high production values of this anime make it a must-see if you like horror, action, and  nail guns being turned into submachine pistols.

They’ve currently got three episodes aired so far, and it’s been quite intriguing to see what’s been happening to the people in the show. I won’t spoil anything else, but suffice it to say that zombies are only one pesky problem in the show.

Feel free to watch the opening sequence above, and then look for the anime online. Cheers!

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  1. July 27, 2010 06:11

    woah! that was nsfw! lol

    • July 27, 2010 14:37

      NSFW? But I thought it was pretty okay…

      Oh cripes… the lingerie shots. I completely forgot about that! Sorry!

      • July 28, 2010 03:59

        lol… its a pretty good series!!!
        i watched up to episode 3 on =)

  2. Zane permalink
    December 14, 2010 06:20

    I have recently watched this anime and must say that it is excellent! I find myself googling every thing I can about it in hopes that someone would make a game based on it…. so far nothing 😦
    I think that even if you aren’t a lover of anime this series will still get your heart pounding from simple undead distruction [and maybe also from a sexy girl here and there]!

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