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A Lying Son of a Birch

June 20, 2010

Noting my old blade as being rather level 15-ish some time ago (I’m currently locked in at 27), my friend Arkenor suggested The Blade of the Fae Timeline as a signature quest I can follow to get a DPS upgrade. Of course, my guild made me a stronger blade, but I’ll be damned if I pass up the chance to earn nice loot and a second DPS upgrade.

I followed the questline to the spirit above, who gave me some directions to meet with a kobold by the name of Engragion, offering him the feathers of slain aviaks as bedding in exchange the continuation of the story of Eitholi. Engragion tells me to go to Crushbone Keep and find the sword that slew Eitholi and, afterwards, turn to The Witch of the Wood for further assistance.

Arkenor helped me through Crushbone Keep, and while we didn’t get anything super special, we did manage to find the sword. After talking to the Witch of the Wood, she told us to find a special memorial to Eitholi that exists in Greater Faydark. Arkenor remembered who to talk to, and led me through Echo Echo Canyon to the eastern side of the area where the Nursery, or Greater Faydark Starting Point, is. Perched on a ledge was the next step of the quest.

Now begins the interesting part.

Meet Eitharbor. He’s a nice enough fellow when you first meet him. He has the sword of the fae inside of him, and it’s apparently inextricably bound to his lifeforce, such that removing it would kill him.


Well, he has a solution to that problem: a way to get that sword without slaying the treant. He can cast a spell on me that will grant me safe passage through all the enemies in Butcherblock Mountains, so long as I don’t harm anything and take no damage.  “Simple enough,” I thought.

Except it isn’t. Approaching the level 28-29 Aviaks, I found the spell cast upon me break, with aviaks descending upon me from multiple directions. I rushed up the cliff face on my steed and outran the aviaks, climbing onto a sheer rock face and ascending to another level of the mountain.

I thought that I had done something wrong to trigger the breaking of the spell, so I pressed on without it. Stealthily moving past more aviaks, I encountered no resistance as I made my way to a hut at the very top of the mountain face, where Aviaks had actually built their own community. The eggs were right there, and blocked by a single Level 31 heroic aviak.

Now, with 50 AA to my name at level 27, I could have handled one heroic aviak. I cast my ranged damage spell, and SURPRISE!

Second level 31 heroic hiding right behind the wall.

I fought valiantly, but succumbed to my wounds, and found myself rather annoyed that the spell broke. Arkenor came to assist me, and together we managed to take the birdmen down.

Without thinking much of the encounter once it was over, I stooped down to gather the eggs Eitharbor had asked me to procure. The gathering of the eggs set off a second wave of attackers, with the quest prompt saying I had been betrayed by Eitharbor. Arkenor and I fought and survived the second wave, and went back to Eitharbor for an explanation.

“Eitharbor,” I said to myself, “you’re a lying son of a birch.”

Arkenor and I put on a good show against Eitharbor, as each of us had more AA than would normally be found at our level. We trounced him decidedly, and at the end of that long road was victory… and a sword.

With that done with, there was only one more thing left to do, and that was for Arkenor and I to go our separate ways again, until the next seemingly impossible quest beckons me to seek his aid.

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