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An Erudite Berserker? It Can Happen!

June 17, 2010

So I decided on a whim to create a character class combination that is generally frowned upon in RP circles (and potentially, gameplay circles) , and the first thing that came to mind was an Erudite Berseker named after a character in one of the Japanese Kamen Rider shows I watched back in 2006.

As it stands, I get this feeling that the time it takes to skill up an alt’s gathering skill can really take its toll on me, which is why I’m not sure what to do with this level 7 berserker I have. It’s nice and all, but I’d rather put my focus on the Sarnak Paladin I have as the Pally can self-heal and do decent damage, and his gathering skills are already well-developed. Still, maybe there’s something to be said for making an alt.

At least, if I get tired of Nektulos Forest (the place creeps me out, and that’s a compliment to SOE’s worldmakers), I can always go back to playing the calm, raging beast I call Gatack. That said, if any EQ2 players feel like having a chat, feel free to find me as Stillwater or Gatack on Lucan D’Lere.

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  1. June 18, 2010 02:08

    I have been meaning to create a Shaman or Ranger to goof off with, so let me know the next time you are fooling around with Gatack. Could be a decent duo.


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