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Your Lucky Numbers Are 19, 4, 10…

April 4, 2010

by Elandarex

Special events are nearly as common in MMOs as they are in real life and in the case of Turbine’s Lord of the Rings Online the most prevalent events are the seasonal festivals. During these festivities players are able to participate in activities ranging from simple fetch quests and opening random gift boxes to special minigames such as horse races and bar brawls. For those players interested in the cosmetic side of LotRO there are also plenty of housing decorations and outfits to claim, as well as an assortment of appropriately themed mounts, assuming of course that you gather enough festive tokens to purchase them.

On top of that there are also usually some Deeds available with each festival, urging the completionists just a little deeper into their obsessions. Most of the time these deeds are readily apparent, either revealing themselves as soon as the festival begins or manifesting as soon as you start participating in that particular festival’s main event. In the Spring Festival that is currently underway there are deeds for completing all of the new content at least once, as well as deeds for participating in the new Shrew Stomping event, but there are some deeds that many players may very well be unaware of.

There is an item available at any of the Spring Festival Rewards Vendors scattered throughout the festival areas in Eriador called the Extra Deliciously Tasty Biscuit. You can get two of them if you trade in three Spring Fest barter tokens, only most players probably won’t bother with them when they could instead be purchasing housing items or other cosmetics. What’s so special about these biscuits then? Well, they open up a small cluster of deeds that unlock a few titles for your character.

When you eat one of these biscuits your character will choke on a slip of paper with a random fortune on it. In essence what we have here are fortune cookies! By collecting each of the fortunes that are out there you will complete the deeds and obtain your new title. This is no easy feat however, as there are 50 fortunes that you need to track down and they are, as I mentioned before, completely random as to which one you will get when you eat a biscuit. Obviously you will need to choke down far more than 50 biscuits if you are to complete this mighty undertaking, unless you are unfathomably lucky, that is.

Now, there are five deeds pertaining to these, the Festival Fortunes, each one concerned with the collection of ten fortunes. The titles you can obtain are as follows: Same Old Song, the Peculiar, Writing on the Wall, the Enlightened, and the Poetical. Fortunately you do not actually have to keep the fortune item in your inventory for it to count towards the deed, as soon as you collect it you can vendor it. If you have the bag space however (which I didn’t), these fortune items can actually be traded to other players at which point they will count towards that player’s progression in that deed!

But if you feel like going it alone I thought I may as well share a few tips for finishing up these deeds.

First and foremost, if you have the moral flexibility, do the daily quests for the upstart Ale Association. There are four quests available each day and each quest will earn you rep with this new faction as well as a Badge of Dishonour. As soon as you reach Acquaintance with the Ale Association you can then trade in one Badge for three Spring Festival tokens, or in other words, one Badge for two biscuits. That means eight biscuits a day!

Obviously you can also do the other quests available during the festival but the best ones to focus on involve the Shrew Stomping. If you take the Shrew Stomp Challenge (the one where you have to dig in the soil on top of stomping shrews) as well as the quest for stomping the Enormous Shrew you can rack up ten tokens every ten minutes or so (this assumes you manage to be the first to stomp the Enormous Shrew, otherwise you’re still pretty well guaranteed five tokens). In order to make this even easier it can help to do it very, very late when there isn’t a huge gathering of shrew stompers to contend with. A nice side effect of gathering tokens in this manner is that you will work towards completing two other deeds as well (for stomping 160 and 400 shrews respectively).

Of course, even with a bag full of biscuits it can be hard to ferret out which fortunes are new and which are ones you already have. Fortunately there is a way to figure that out, and I have singled out the message you will receive in your chat window in an image below.

Well, good luck trying to find all the fortunes! Just make sure there’s someone on hand nearby who can perform the Heimlich or you may well find yourself laying prostrate in the nearest rez circle.

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  1. victorstillwater permalink*
    April 4, 2010 19:47

    Great read… though it begs the question: Why didn’t they just call them Biscuits of Favor and Fortune or something?

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