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Some Problems with EQ2 Chatting on Trial Mode

January 13, 2010

This’ll be a quick post, as I’m more or less calling out to people for help and information rather than ranting.

One thing that made EQ2 somewhat survivable for me was that even if I was questing alone, I wasn’t really ALONE- alone. I had friends who would talk to me about their experiences and share their knowledge of the game to me.

When the ability to talk to friends is taken away though, I feel as if a big part of what made the game accessible (friendship!) has been taken away.

My problem is this: I can send and receive tells from Arkenor’s characters, but not from Ysharros‘. I’m talking to Gnobrin of SOE over at twitter, and it seems as if it’s a feature to lessen gold spammage from goldsellers. Now, I can understand this, but I’m wondering about the technical aspect of this. How come I can talk to Arkenor’s characters, but not Ysharros’? Is the anomaly my ability to send and receive tells to begin with?

A Rather Humiliating Update:

So I posted on the EQ2 forums asking for advice on the matter, and someone told me, “Did you check your ignore list?”

Sure enough, Ysh’s character was there. Since Ysh’s character was the first one I added to my friends list, I must have tried to add her a second time because I had the Ignore Window Open and thought I forgot to add her, as her name wasn’t on the “friends list” (actually the ignore list).

That was totally my fault.

In other news, I like big brains and I cannot lie.

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  1. January 13, 2010 13:49

    Are you added as a friend to Ysharros? Are you on a pvp server and trying to talk to the other faction?

    • victorstillwater permalink*
      January 13, 2010 16:29

      Hi there Cyanbane.

      I’m on Lucan D’Lere, which I believe is the roleplay server. 🙂

      I’m not sure if I’m on Ysharros’ friends list, so I’ll ask her when she goes online again. 🙂

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