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In the Wasteland, I Fear Dying; In the Real World, I Fear Living

October 13, 2009


In the wasteland, the land laid waste
The fruit of knowledge has a bitter taste
And the bliss of ignorance can never be replaced
It’s lost in the wilderness*

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m quite looking forward to the Game of the Year Edition of Fallout 3. At first, it was because I’d be given a chance to finish the game that I’d started, but then my reasons changed somewhat.

I want to start a new game, with a whole new character and approach, and this time add user-made modifications into the game.

Now, I don’t want to go all drastic and radically change the gameplay experience, but I was thinking of at least placing some modifications to spice up the gameplay and possibly make it more tension-inducing.

You see, in my previous playthrough, I’d managed to get to level 17 without following the main quest past Rivet City.  I killed tons of monstrosities, and finished some quests, but I barely scratched the surface of the Capital Wasteland.  This time, I was thinking of increasing the spawn count in the wilderness so that random encounters with mutants and raiders have more enemies with each wave, and thus more loot.

The thing is, I also want to balance that out. My original adventure had me getting levels way too easily, and with a mod that increases spawns, I was bound to get to the new level cap far too quickly to be fun. So, I’ve done a bit of hunting and also found a experience accretion modification that lessens the XP gain made for kills and non-quest actions.

There’s just one problem: I’m obsessive-compulsive about these sorts of things.

By obsessive-compulsive, I mean, “scared shitless of trying techie things out that might break a game or my computer,” and by my reckoning, using mods to alter a game scares me to death. It’s why it took me so long to try using mods for World of Warcraft.

Now, forumgoers have assured me that trial and error isn’t a big deal with regard to modding Fallout 3. It just means, at the very worst, reinstalling the game or not using mods. I seem to have whipped my mind into an awful frenzy though about the potential screwups that I can make that I’ve stopped myself from taking a chance and trying something new (story of my life there, folks).

To that end, even if I’ve downloaded all the necessary utility programs and modification files, I’ve yet to install and try it with my old Fallout game. Instead, I’m waiting for the Game of the Year edition to make a new, clean install and try out mods in a completely new game.

Anyone else ever been paralyzed from action by fear, uncertainty, and doubt in mundane things like gaming?

*Lyrics from the song Wasteland, which is part of the soundtrack for the musical Children of Eden.

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